Waste King 9980 1 HP Garbage Disposal Review

by Paul

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Cooking is a wonderful passion. A great way to show love for your friends and family. Me and my two siblings are not different from that type of people. We love to cook a lot just like our mother. We always depend on a good heavy-duty disposal whenever its holiday season or weekends. 

If you are one of those food lovers like us, but looking for a small budget garbage disposal, Waste King 9980 is the disposal you can definitely have.

It is not always necessary that the most power efficient product has to be the most expensive product in the market. To find an appliance that will serve you at its best but cost you just in your budget can be found. All you need is to research a bit and choose the best one suitable for you.

For heavy use, 1 HP garbage disposals are best. Waste king 9980 comes with all the features that should be included for the most powerful operation of a garbage disposal. Despite of the amazing power and the longest warranty, this waste king garbage disposal will cost you much less comparing the other branded models with similar features.

Features of the Waste King 9980

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1 HP


2800 RPM


12.93 Lbs


8.5 x 8.5 x 16

Feed Type


Grind Material

Stainless Steel

Septic Safe?



20 year limited

I always appreciate the competitive pricing of a range of products. That’s why I always suggest Waste King to people. Beside their amazing low prices, the products are good enough to maintain thousands of satisfied users. Waste King L-9980 is one of those efficient & value for money garbage disposal I would love to suggest to anyone.

Power & Speed

As I already mentioned above, Waste King 9980 is one of the most powerful garbage disposals in the market. The 1 HP permanent magnet motor that spins at a rate of 2800 RPM speed, is best for any kind of heavy usage.

A family with need of lots of garbage disposing everyday will be highly satisfied with its amazing performance. Your wastes will be shredded into thinnest pieces inside the chamber, with the help of corrosion proof anti jam stainless steel swivel impellers.

You can easily clean up all the food waste along with the chicken bones and other leftovers. Although I never encourage anyone to put hard bones & fruit pits to put inside my disposal unit, but you can easily get rid of small chicken bones with this disposal.


Unlike most of the popular waste king garbage disposals, this disposal contains 3-bolt mounting system. Waste king 9980 it is actually the 3-bolt version of Waste king L8000. As waste king’s two mounting systems are both quite easy to install, I have no problem with any of these units.

But one may have preferences over installation process. I will say with both systems, you can easily complete the installation. In a 3-bolt mounting, you need to mount the disposal itself with the lower part of your sink. With EZ mounting system, the mounting needs to get placed first, then you need to put the disposal in it by locking the disposal’s head in the mounting.

The 3-bolt mounting is more classic and more strongly connected than EZ mounting system. But EZ mounting is easier to remove and reinstall. So, it’s up to the users to decide the one more suitable for them.

Installation Information

Installation Type

3-Bolt Mount




7 Amps

Max Sink Thickness

1/2 Inch

Dishwasher Hose Size

7/8 Inch

Drain Connection Size

1-1/2 Inches

Cord Included


Cord Length

32 Inches

Removable Splash Guard

A disposal with a removable splash guard is easier to clean and convenient to use. The waste king disposals with 3-bolt mounting system usually do not contain the removable splash guard. Same goes for this unit.

There are complaints from users of Waste King 9980 about slow water draining, which occurs because of the removable splash guard. Those who want to avoid that problem can easily go with this unit.


For a powerful monster like this, the sound produced by Waste King 9980 is pretty tolerable. Yes, it is not the quietest garbage disposal in market, but it will not wake up a baby from sleep. Most of the users say the sound level is very low comparing the old garbage disposals they have used.


This disposal is quite big in size and weight. Before going to buy a Waste King 9980, you must check the space under your sink. I know few people who had problem to fit it under the sink. It is quite a big disposal comparing any other disposal from Waste King. You can opt for a smaller garbage disposal if this unit won't fit.

It allows to have a big space inside the grinding chamber, which is great for heavy use. You can grind a lot of waste all together with a very less time. But the size makes it much heavier (19 pounds) than other disposals. That’s why I’d like to suggest to have help while installation or when removing this disposal unit.

Durability & Warranty

This disposal is highly recommended for its durability and warranty. The corrosion proof material ensures the unit to last for a very long period of time. The high power and high-speed performance ensures less jam. So, this unit will work smoothly without any interruption if you use it properly.

Besides that, you get the lifetime in-home warranty with this garbage disposal. The warranty is the highest available among all of the garbage disposals in the market. None of the branded disposals like Insinkerator do provide you such long warranty with any of their product. If you love long warranties, you get it from Waste King without spending a premium price for this disposal unit.

Pros & Cons


  • Power & performance is best for heavy use
  • Best value for money purchase
  • 3 grind stage technology exclusively available in Evolution Excel
  • Power cord included
  • Comes with longest warranty
  • Huge space in grinding chamber
  • Noise level is tolerable
  • Classic 3-bolt mounting system


  • No Removable splash guard included
  • Very big in size
  • Heavy weight can make it hard to install


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I have seen may of real users to use the Waste King 9980 garbage disposal with high satisfaction. One of my friends who has always party in her home tells me, the Waste King 9980 is like a magic monster for her.

She loves how frequently she uses the disposal and yet it is working fine from the day she bought it. If your budget is limited, but you want a heavy-duty garbage disposal, go for Waste king 9980. It is one of the best options for you.