How Much Does a Garbage Disposal Cost

by Paul

A beautiful kitchen always needs maintenance. No matter how awesome your kitchen looks, you will never feel good to cook there if it’s not clean and smells like a rotten vegetable.

That’s why you need a garbage disposal very badly. If you are new in the world of garbage disposals or just want to replace your old one, you should know how much does a garbage disposal cost nowadays.

compact garbage disposal

How Much Does a Garbage Disposal Cost

A garbage disposal cost depends on its features, ability to dispose the amount of waste at a time, the capacity of the chamber, type of the disposal, etc. Before going to decide which disposal will save you most money by providing you the excellent service, you should know about all the factors that can vary the garbage disposal prices.

Things to Consider When Buying Garbage Disposal


A disposal’s main feature is its power of grinding food. More the power, more it will cost. There are 4 types of disposals available on the basis of motor’s power.

⅓ Horsepower

1/3 HP disposals represents the initial stage of power. A 1/3 HP disposal’s price ranges from $50 to $115. It serves best to 2-person family and works perfectly for light use. But I personally don’t suggest to spend more than $70 for a 1/3 HP disposal because you will find a stronger disposal if you spend that much.

½ Horsepower

A ½ HP disposal will cost you around $70 to $170. Depending on what brand and features that come with the garbage disposal price varies. This type of disposals is best for 3 to 4 person families. The power of the motor is medium ranged. If this garbage disposal cost you within $110, then it is a good deal.

¾ Horsepower

It is the most popular size regarding power among all the other disposals. It is best for medium to heavy use. A 5 to 7 people family can easily go with this disposal. You will find a lot of options with different features in this disposal The price range for ¾ HP disposals is $120 to $320. Try to find a disposal that is near $230 to have a great deal.

1 Horsepower

These are the most powerful garbage disposals. It can easily serve 8 to 10 family members. Being the most powerful disposal, it also comes with a high price range. A 1 HP garbage disposal will cost you within $170 to $450. If you are thinking of heavy use and clogless pipelines, then it is the best option for you.

Continuous Feed vs. Batch Feed

The disposals are available in two types. Continuous Feed & Batch Feed. Among them, continuous feed disposals are more popular among the users. This is the reason why you will find fewer models of batch feed disposal in the market. It causes a difference in cost of garbage disposal. Because of less availability, the batch feed disposals are a bit pricey than continuous feed disposals.

Grinding Stages

The modern garbage disposals have more than one grinding stages inside the chamber. Those which include 2 or 3 stage grinding system may cost you more but will process food into thinnest pieces. It confirms a better drainage and jam free disposing systems.

Special Features

Some disposals include features like septic tank special, or compact in size may cost you more than the usual unit. Don’t go for it if you do not need the feature. Because you may find a better one for you with that same cost of garbage disposal.


Some disposals are made of plastic material, and some are of galvanized steel. There are even stainless garbage disposals in the market nowadays. It is always preferable to have a good material body. Otherwise, there are more chances of breakage and leakage. 

The difference in making material can vary the garbage disposal price range. If you have a budget go for those disposals with a good making. 

Noise Cancellation Technology

ost of the new garbage disposal models have great noise cancellation and anti-vibrating system. That’s the reason why the disposals cause less sound and vibration than the old model of disposals. The more a disposal can cost depending on its sound and vibration reducing technology. Find the disposal that produces the least amount of noise.


Last but not the least. If you want to buy from the best brands of the disposal, you may need to pay some extra money. Just because they are a safe option and popular with the users, they usually charge more than the other manufacturers.


So, you will see that; you can buy the same powerful disposal with a lower cost if you buy from another brand. Now, this is up to you, which one you will choose. The brand as a safer option or from any other manufacturer for a cheaper option.

How much does a garbage disposal cost depends on what features you want from it? Although, a perfect disposal for me will fit in your budget and provide all the important features that you need. Before choosing the disposal, you should check all the available options and the features you can get in your budget.