Best Garbage Disposal Reviews of 2018 – Buying Guides & Tips

What will be the best garbage disposal for my kitchen?” I’ve been asked this question for thousand times and the answer was never same. The definition of “best” varies from person to person. So, before going for a purchase decision you need to know your options and choices, most importantly figure out what exactly you are looking for. Check all the top garbage disposal reviews of 2018, the cost of garbage disposals and compare it with your needs. I'm sure all my reviews will be very helpful to you.

You are going to find here all the guidelines, the options available in different price ranges and the best deals for those products. I am going to share my real life experience and reviews from real consumers that can help you to find the best garbage disposal. Since the year 2018 is on us already, I'll be reviewing newest garbage disposals as well, to make sure we're all up do date.

To someone who has a very small idea about the features and prices, if you don’t have enough time to do a wide research, please check the comparison table of the best disposal units!

Best Garbage Disposal 2018

Are you in a hurry? We've done our research and listed the best disposals available on the market in the table below. You can have a quick idea about each of the disposals capacity and price from the list.

NameCapacityOur ReviewCheck Price
Insinkerator Evolution Compact 1
InSinkErator Evolution Compact¾ HPRead Our ReviewSee Price On Amazon
Waste King L-2600 review
Waste King L-2600 Legend½ HPRead Our ReviewSee Price On Amazon
InSinkErator Evolution Excel review
InSinkErator Evolution Excel1 HPRead Our ReviewSee Price On Amazon
InSinkErator Evolution Essential Review
InSinkErator Evolution Essential¾ HPRead Our ReviewSee Price On Amazon
Sink disposal
Waste King L-8000 Legend1 HPRead Our ReviewSee Price On Amazon

Want to know what our Editor picked as the best value for money disposal?

Don’t Hurry!

My first suggestion for you is, please don’t hurry. After purchasing the wrong unit, you may regret all your bucks already spent over it. Please go through the specifications and features carefully and try to choose that one that will give you most value.

Before going for a purchase, you must settle on the features you will look for.

The Top Choices

If you don’t know which one will be best food disposal for your kitchen or which one will provide the best value for money then I’d like to say that, the first thing you should figure out is what you are exactly looking for. I have shortlisted the best disposals you can look for your kitchen.

Best of Bests

The first thing most of the people look for a food disposal is that it will grind up everything one can put inside the disposal but won’t make disgusting grinding noise or vibration. Well, if you are one of those people looking for a garbage disposal that contains the most upgraded technical features to make least noise and vibration. Also contains the premium look and extreme performance and a longer period of warranty, then I’d suggest you to go for the InSinkErator’s Evolution Excel.

best garbage disposal

It is one of the most popular garbage disposals right now in the market with least noise and super performance. This disposal will cost you more than any other average disposal but it will worth your every penny.

Read The Full Review of InSinkErator Evolution Excel

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Best Value For Money

This garbage disposal is best for the budget friendly purchase. If you are looking for a powerful garbage disposal that is affordable and comes with a long time warranty then this is perfect for you. Waste King’s L 8000 comes with a lifetime warranty and super powerful grinding performance at a very good price that is enough for a big family kitchen and a perfect budget concerned buyer. Other than this food disposal the InSinkErator Badger 5 garbage disposal is also very popular as a best value for money disposal. But Waste King's L 8000 is more powerful than In SinkErator Badger 5.

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Most Compact garbage Disposal

When you need a very good but not the most powerful food disposal with all the features available but don’t want to spend those extra bucks for extra power then I’ll suggest going with InSinkerator’s Evolution Essential. Like most of the other In Sinkerator disposals, this one also contains a very good outlook and produces the least amount of noise and vibration comparing the other units. It will be best for a regular or big size family with a reasonable amount of food waste grinding needs. This is an awesome choice if you are looking for a great disposal and a good warranty.

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Best for Budget Purchase

This disposal is best for a small family or a couple who is looking for a super budget friendly garbage disposal for their kitchen. The Waste King L 2600 has a motor with a basic power and it is ready to grind the light amount of food waste produced at the small family kitchen and will cost you less than $100.

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Best for Septic Tank

If you are using a septic system and you are afraid of buying a sink disposal, thinking that it will ruin your septic tank, then worry no more. InSinkErator invented an awesome technology for their garbage disposal that prevents harming your septic tank. The Evolution Septic Assist is the solution for those huge numbers of people who are fed up of their sink disposals for ruining their septic system. Its Bio-Charge technology automatically keeps running your septic system by inserting helpful enzymes while operation. This specially designed disposal will also make sure you get least amount of noise and vibration out of the sink when it grinds.

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Top 3 Bestseller Garbage Disposals on Amazon

SaleBestseller No. 1
Insinkerator Badger 5, 1/2 HP Household Food Waste Disposer
4358 Reviews
Insinkerator Badger 5, 1/2 HP Household Food Waste Disposer
  • 26 oz. Grind chamber with galvanized steel grind system
SaleBestseller No. 2
Waste King L-8000 L-8000 Garbage Disposal, 1HP
5757 Reviews
Bestseller No. 3
InSinkErator Badger 5 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1/2 HP
106 Reviews

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How to choose the Best Garbage Disposal?

To find the best disposal you need to know about the basic features of a garbage disposal.

1. Capacity and Power

A good garbage disposal will process the regular kitchen waste without any hesitation. But the amount of waste or speed the grinding speed will depend on how powerful your device is. Basically, there are three types of motor power used in garbage disposals.

1 HP

This is the most powerful motor used in a garbage disposal. The disposals with 1 hp power motors are usually most powerful in terms of grinding operation and speed. These disposals are best for a big family with lots of grinding needs. The best 1 HP Garbage disposals available in the market are InSinkErator Excel, Waste King L-8000 Legend and Waste King A1SPC Knight.

¾ HP

These disposals are best for medium usage. A family with 4 to 6 members can easily use these disposals for a regular basis. The most popular ¾ Hp disposals are InSinkErator Evolution Compact, InSinkErator Evolution Essential and Waste King L-3300.

½ HP

Best for single person or couple users who needs a lower amount of kitchen waste to dispose of than the big families. Usually these disposals cost the lowest and best for budget friendly purchase. InSinkErator Badger 5 garbage disposal is the most popular ½ garbage disposal of all time. But more recently the Waste King L 2600 is being very popular as one of the most low-priced garbage disposals.

2. Continuous Feed vs Batch Feed Garbage Disposal

A continuous feed garbage disposal continuously grinds waste from the moment you switch on the power button. On the other hand, the batch feed garbage disposals start working when a cover goes over the disposal entrance.

Usually the continuous feed disposals are more preferred by most of the consumers because it saves your time. You can just throw waste into the sink and it starts grinding. It is best for the more waste and a hassle free operation. On the other hand, batch feed garbage disposal is a safer option in terms of the cover prevents falling small cutleries inside the sink and finally break it. But if you have a lot of food waste then this will take more time and be less convenient in terms of operation.

3. Grinding stage

Your disposal must grind the wastage into finest particles to make sure it totally gets washed out through your pipeline and never cause a clog. The more grinding stages ensure more tiny leftovers that are great for not making any clog or jam through your pipeline. Waste King has a single stage grinding system for all of their disposals, even one the most powerful ones. On the other hand, InSinkErator garbage disposals contain a different number of grinding stages for their different range of disposals. The old Badger 1 garbage disposals used to contain one grinding stage. But now a days, the grinding stages differ from 1 to 3 stages. A 3 stage grinding chamber can convert your food waste into the smallest particles and you never get to worry about any jam through your sewage system.

Find the Exclusive product featuring 3 stage grinding System.

4. Noise and Vibration

A good garbage disposal must make the least amount of noise and vibration. Most of the people complain about the motor noise and vibration cause while the grinder starts operating. If you have a sleeping baby, or a studio apartment or even an open kitchen; you would not like to get interrupted by the irritating sound or humming of your garbage disposal. Most of the garbage disposals I’ve recommended are made with sound proof materials nowadays to reduce the sound impact as much as possible. The mounting system and the rubber baffle make sure you feel the least vibration in your sink and close to zero sound interruption.

Find the Most Quiet Garbage Disposal here.

5. Mounting

InSinkErator’s Quick-Lock mounting system

InSinkErator has a quick-lock mounting system that is universal for most of their disposals. So if you are replacing an old badger disposal with a new InSinkerator Evolution Series, you will easily be able to replace it and mount it within minutes. The quick-lock mounting system is made of stainless steel and easily replaceable with any existing disposal mounting.

Waste King’s EZ vs 3 Bold Mounting

Installation directly depends on what mounting has been used by the manufacturer. For example, Waste King has two type of mounting system for their disposals. One is 3 bolt mounting system and another is EZ mounting system. In 3 bolt mounting all are stainless steel mounting components and it does not contain the removable splash guard above the stainless steel sink flange. On the EZ mount system, you get a removable splash guard and the system has plastic and aluminum mounting components. Many prefer the EZ mounting because of its removable splash guard which is easy to clean and many other prefer the 3 bolt because all the components are made of stainless steel that ensures more durability. Other than the mountings there are no differences among these two systems.

6. Durability

Your garbage disposal must be durable for a long time. To find a more durable garbage disposal you need to find these features in it.

Corrosion or Rust Proof Grinding Chamber & Components

You need to make sure the disposal you are going to purchase must have Stainless Steel grinding chamber and grinding components. The stainless steel rust and corrosion proof and makes your garbage disposal more durable.

Jam sensor & Automatic Reverse grinding technology

Anti-jam Sensor and an automatic reverse spinning technology both are best for preventing the jam inside your grinding chamber. Not all the garbage disposals are available with these features. Only Insinkerator Evolution Series have the feature of Auto Reverse Grinding System.

Find the only garbage Disposal exclusively featuring the Jam Sensor

7. Installation

A good garbage disposal must have a clear instruction manual and all the parts needed to complete the installation. People usually get anxious about installing or replacing a garbage disposal or think that they need to spend extra bucks to hire a plumber. But it’s not a hard task if you want to do it yourself. All you need is a good instruction and everything needed to complete the installation.

8. Size

Before going for the purchase, you must check the space under your sink and check the disposal dimension to make sure it is going to fit. Many garbage disposals I’ve recommended in my reviews are not very compact in size. So if you have little space under your sink and you want to have a big disposal like Evolution essential or Evolution septic Assist, then you must reconsider your option or try to increase the space under your kitchen sink.

9. Septic Tank Safe

If you are using a septic system the garbage disposal must be safe for your septic tank. Otherwise, it can ruin your whole septic system. So make sure you are going for the right option.

10. Warranty & Support

You should look for a longer period and In-Home service warranty. Besides that make sure the support and after sale service is good and the promises of warranty are authentic.

You may also read the benefits of garbage disposal here.

How much does a garbage disposal cost?

There are different ranges of disposals depending on features and power. Usually the garbage disposal cost differs depending on motor capacity, special features and of course brand. InSinkerator, the inventor of garbage disposals is going to charge you premium where you can get waste king’s garbage disposals at a lower price. Let me show you what you get on which price range.

Disposal Under $100

Usually a garbage disposal with ½ HP motor is available in a price range of $50 to $100. These ½ hp garbage disposals are best for small couple families or a single person. You can easily install these units because of their smaller size and weight. So if you go for installation by yourself you don’t get to pay the extra money to a plumber. Click Here to find the garbage disposal under $100.

Disposal Under $200

You get both most of the ¾ Hp and very few 1 Hp garbage disposals in a price range of $100 to $200. Among these, there is one 1 HP garbage disposal from waste king that can give you the best value for money with a lifetime warranty. Other than that you get few high end ¾ HP disposals from InSinkErator with many features in this price range. Find the garbage disposal under $200.

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