Glass In Garbage Disposal? – How To Get Glass Out Of Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal is a continuous garbage scrapper that can work all the time in your kitchen. As far as you know the drain line is open to get the garbage into the disposal pipe. So there is a possibility of dropping other or utensils in the drainage pipe. Utensils like spoons, forks, glass etc. A stuck glass in garbage disposal can be a pretty messy problem. Handle it carefully or you will hurt yourself.

How Get Rid Of The Glass In Garbage Disposal

  • Disconnect your garbage disposal from the main power source
  • Remove big glass pieces with pliers
  • Give a push to the pipelines and try to remove the remaining glass
  • Vacuum the disposal with a Vacuum Cleaner
  • If the glass is still stuck remove your garbage disposal, Follow the Instructions Here
  • Reset the disposal and reinstall again

Glass In Garbage Disposal? Here Is How To Get Rid of it

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Unlike the other utensils glass is more dangerous if it gets stuck inside your disposal unit. If there is a glass in garbage disposal, getting it out of the disposal can be a challenge for you. If the glass is inside the unit and you turn on without noticing it, you may harm the inner blades or other parts of the disposal. Sometimes it can damage both the blades and the motor with the sharp edges. In those cases, there is no option but buying a new unit.

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If the glass caused no major harm then you can bring out the glass with the help of a wrench or a broomstick or vacuum the disposal. But if none of this helps you to bring out the glass then you can just remove the disposal and give it a shake. Read the following steps to bring out the glass from your garbage disposal.

Disconnect the garbage disposal from your main power source:
Disconnect the disposal to make sure that the disposal makes no accident while you pull out the glass. Simply just unplugged the disposal from the circuit or just pull out the fuse from your main power source to avoid unwanted accidents.

Remove big glass pieces with pliers:
Get a pair of pliers to bring out the large glass piece out of the disposal. But if the glass is unbroken then just simply pull it out of the disposal.

Try to move the glass:
If the glass in the garbage disposal is stuck in the disposal than simply just try to dislodge it. Give a move to the pipelines if you can. This may help you to move the glass or to break it. This will let the glass be in parts to pull them out easily. Get the most of the glasses out of the disposal with the help of the pliers. This will make it easy for you to clean up.

Vacuum the disposal:
When you are done with the pliers then just get a wet and dry vacuum cleaner and vacuum the sink lines to bring out the small pieces of glass from the disposal. This will help you to clean up the pipelines faster.

If you have double sink Then just cover the sink holes to maximize the suction of the vacuum cleaner. You can use a nylon wrap to cover the other hole and make the suction go easy with the stuck air space. You can also wrap nylon wrap around the vacuum pipe to seal the air in the pipelines and make the suctions easy.

Reset your garbage disposal:
Now you have to reset the disposal and get it connected to the power source. Cover the pipelines with a plate to stop small pieces of glass flying out of the disposal. Turn on the cold water running and strat the disposal. This will help you to chop the leftover glass pieces and will drain them out. But if the disposal seems still jam to you then just turn off the water and rest the disposal by turning it on again. This will unjam the disposal for you.

Remove your garbage disposal:
If none of the described tricks work for you then just remove your garbage disposal from your sink and bring out the glasses by yourself. You can get the help your family members to bring them out. Remember not to make any mess when to do that. Otherwise, you might harm yourself. If you are looking for a guide about how to remove a garbage disposal, we have done a great guide post for you.

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Lastly, reinstall the disposal and get going with disposing of the waste. You can easily get your disposal clean in no time if you get yourself able to follow the simple tricks. This will help you to get the disposal right in no time.

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