How to fix a Garbage Disposal

by Paul

After you buy a garbage disposal, it will serve you for several years. You won’t have to work hard to maintain it or to fix it.

But if you don’t maintain it or clean it regularly, then it will create some problems.

So how to fix a garbage disposal unit? You also have a solution for that. It comes with some tools that will help you to fix it.

Again you don’t need a lot of tools for fixing a garbage disposal. You will be able to fix it with some regular tools like a screw driver, hex wrench, I’ve given some solutions of the problems people face mostly.

How to Fix a Garbage Disposal Unit

If Your Garbage Disposal Stops Working

Sometimes without creating any other problems, your garbage disposal may stop working. You will understand it when there will be no sound coming from it. The solution for this is to check whether the electric outlet is working properly.

Before that, first unplug the cord and plug in again. Sometimes cord might loosen up. If it is not the problem, then reset your disposal. It can run the whole thing perfectly all over again.

If Your Garbage Disposal is Jammed

You will understand that your disposal is jammed when it will stop grinding but makes a sound. It can also work at first and then stop. Usually, a disposal is jammed when anything metal or plastic or fiber type food is jammed in it. You have to remove them with a hex wrench or cleaning tools.

Make sure you don’t run your disposal when it is jammed. If you do that then your blades may be broken which will be more difficult to repair.

If Your Garbage Disposal is Clogged

Being clogged or being jammed are the most common problems for a garbage disposal. If you don’t clean your disposal regularly, then it will be clogged. You will understand your disposal is clogged when water stands on the sink. The solution is to use a plunger to clear the pipe.

Put water into the fixture to cover the plunger. Don’t let your disposal get clogged as it creates a huge mess in your kitchen by overflooding the water. So always clean your disposal.

If Your Garbage Disposal Leaks

If your garbage disposal is leaking then first point out the where the leakage is coming from. Your disposal can be leaked from four places. At the top main seal, at the drain pipe, at the body or dishwasher inlet. You may have to remove the parts from where it is leaking.

If you can’t solve the problem, then take help from the repair center.

If Your Garbage Disposal Makes Noise

Your garbage disposal may create some unusual noise when it can’t work properly. It can make noise if there is anything jammed in the disposal. You can check if there is anything in the disposal like bones or metal or plastic.

It can create noise while grinding them. So clean the disposal first. Clean it with the tools then check if it has stopped the unwanted sound.

If Your Garbage Disposal Stinks

Garbage disposal grinds all the food waste from your kitchen by grinding it. So it is pretty obvious that bad smell will come out from it. There is a simple solution for this problem. Take some orange and lemons. Cut them into pieces.

Place them in your sinkhole and run the disposal with cold water. The fresh peels will help the disposal to remove the bad smell and it will give your kitchen a fresh and natural smell.

Final Thoughts

Fixing a garbage disposal is not a hard process if you know the rules. First you have to take proper care of your disposal. Then there will be no need to fix it cause it will create fewer problems. Just clean your disposal regularly. Follow some basic rules to maintain your disposal so that you don’t give it a chance to create problems.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my article on how to fix a garbage disposal and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!