Waste King 3200 Garbage Disposal Review

by Paul

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I have friends with the passion for cooking. Most of them have beautiful kitchens with modern appliances that make the cooking experience more present. When I asked about having a garbage disposal, all of them mentioned it as important as any other electric device in their kitchen.

Those of you who need to dispose of a good amount of food waste every day, I can suggest going for Waste King 3200 garbage disposal without having doubt in your head. Waste King legend series l-3200 is one of the high-end garbage disposals of the very popular disposal manufacturer Waste King. 

Waste King has entered the market with their highly efficient yet budget pricing and earned a good amount users’ trust. Waste King L-3200 is not different than the other products of Waste King. I’ll say it is one of those very powerful disposals that makes your kitchen clean from food waste at no time.

Waste King 3200 Price & Features

One of my friends who wanted to replace his old disposal was asking me for help a few years back. I knew that he needed a good disposal unit as he cooks a lot in his kitchen. He had this beautiful family with three children, his wife, and his aunt.

He mainly got his cooking passion from this aunt. We used to go there having a happy mind thinking about the delicious food she is going to cook for us.

I knew he had a limited budget for the disposal as he just moved in his new home. He always knew that I am very interested to know and compare the appliances for a home. So, we both started doing some market research to buy the new garbage disposal. Then we found Waste King L-3200.


Horsepower (HP)

3/4 HP

Speed (RPM)

2600 RPM

Feed Type

Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal


EZ Mount System


Stainless Steel Sink Flange, Removable Splash Guard


Stainless Steel Swivel Impellers


8 Years in-home warranty, Lifetime corrosion warranty

Size & Weight

9.8 x 9.8 x 15.4 inches, 9 Pounds

It had every feature he needed. He chose this disposal because of the low price, high power motor, and the good online reviews. We did not talk to any real user that time. Still, we went for it. After he had brought and installed it, he was extremely satisfied with this disposal.

The power was amazing. No matter what food waste you put, it grinds that like magic. That was the first time I saw the power of Waste King 3200 by myself. Before that, I have seen other Waste King disposals, and I already have built faith in Waste King’s products. So I was not disappointed.

I am suggesting this disposal to those of you who need a powerful garbage disposal for their home but does not want to spend much for a fancy product. Waste King 3200 will not be as fancy as the high-end brands, but it will operate properly and be a great value for money purchase.

Power & Speed

The Waste King 3200 disposal has a high-speed ¾ HP permanent magnet motor which spins at a 2700 PRM rate. It is quite powerful than most of the disposals in the market. It is a continuous feed garbage disposal that comes with corrosion proof stainless steel elements inside it.

The swivel impellers’ spinning is powerful enough to grind any king of food item you put on it. It can efficiently get rid of all the disposable waste that a medium size family can produce.

The size of the disposal lets you to dispose a fairly good amount of waste at a time and makes disposing of less time-consuming.

Quality of product

Every waste king’s disposal has the same making outside and inside. The price range varies depending on the motor’s power and speed. I have already said that the disposal is nothing fancy in the making. It only provides good operation. The quality is good enough to provide that operation.


As my friend had a new born baby that time when he brought the Waste King 3200, we knew that the grinding sound of a garbage disposal might be a problem for him. He did not have a choice, as the budget was limited.

But after he purchased the disposal we were surprised how quiet it was comparing his old garbage disposal. The baby was not bothered at all, and my friend was delighted with the sound level.

I’m not saying it is the quietest garbage disposal in the market. It may sound a bit noisy to those using Insinkerator’s high-end disposals but the sound level is still very minimal. You can easily go with that amount of noise.


Installing a waste king disposal is always easy. The EZ mount system is clearly described in their manual. Besides the easy installation, there are times when you need to remove the disposal and go through the whole removing the mounting process. Well, no need to think about that hassle. You just need to put it in the mounting or remove it from that.

Removable Splash Guard

Waste King’s disposals come with removable splash guard for easy cleaning. It prevents to come out any garbage out of your disposal unit while grinding and go inside any non-food item accidentally. You can easily remove the splash guard when you need to clean or look inside the disposal.


I love Waste King because of their long-term warranties. It is really an irritation if you need to call a plumber and pay an extra amount of money for any kind of problem it occurs. Waste King provides a warranty that covers a long time of period for most of their high-end garbage disposals.

Waste King 3200 is also not different from those. You get eight years in home warranty with this disposal. It is quite a big period comparing the other disposals.


  • Best Value for Money Purchase
  • Easy to install
  • Less priced than most of ¾ HP disposal
  • Included splash guard
  • Long warranty period
  • Good grinding space makes it less time consuming
  • Great for heavy use
  • Very quiet disposal


  • Splash guard may prevent the water drain fast
  • No sound insulation


Currently On Sale
Waste King L-3200 Garbage Disposal with Power...
  • COMPACT SIZE: Smaller and lighter ¾ HP...
  • HIGH-SPEED MOTOR: The 3/4 HP, 2700 RPM (115...
  • 8 YEAR PROTECTION: 8-year Limited Warranty

I always suggest Waste King 3200 to those who need a low budget but powerful disposal. You may find many other brands containing similarly powerful garbage disposals that cost much more than waste king 3200.

Those disposals will provide you different features, will produce less noise and look better than the waste king. But those disposals are not different from waste king regarding the operation.

If you don’t want to spend extra bucks to purchase a brand product, the waste king is always the perfect option for you.