How To Make Lemon And Vinegar Ice Cubes To Keep Garbage Disposal Odor Free?

by Paul

odor free garbage disposal

Garbage disposal is a tool that keeps your home clean and odor free. But maintain the cleanliness of the disposal is very important to keep it odor free.

You might struggle to find the perfect weapon that can help you to keep your disposal stench free. So How to Keep Garbage Disposal Odor Free?

We all know that a lemon is a natural deodorizer. It can easily keep the disposal odor free if you put a piece of lemon in the disposal every night.

But it is impossible to get fresh lemon all year along. Lemon-vinegar ice cubes can be a perfect alternative weapon for your garbage disposal. Preserving the lemon in this way can help you get rid of the bad odor of your garbage disposal and keep your kitchen smell good. The process of making lemon and vinegar ice cubes are given in step by step process below:

6-Step Guide on How to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Odor Free Using Lemon and Vinegar Ice Cubes:

1. Get a Bunch of Fresh Lemons and a Bottle of White Vinegar

There is no need to find any special kind of lemons for this. You can just simply pick up lemons from any grocery store. Get a bottle of white vinegar for making ice cubes. Once again there is no specification for any branded white vinegar. You can choose any brand of white vinegar.

2. Roll Down the Lemons with Your Hand to Lose the Juices

Roll the lemons with the help of your hands to make the lemons loosen the juices and distribute to the whole space evenly. This will help you get perfect lemon slices with the same amount of the juice.

3. Get the Lemons Cut Into Small Pieces

Next you just have to cut the lemons in small pieces. You have to measure the size according to your ice cube tray size. The size and amount of the lemons will depend on the tray size and how much cubes the tray can hold.

  • You have to get the tray and fill up each gap with one piece of lemons in each. This can be done on multiple icing trays.
  • You don’t have to get the seeds out of the lemons. Because you are not eating them. You don’t have to get that time wasting after this deseeding process.

4. Fill the Tray with the White Vinegar

Fill the whole tray with the vinegar you got. But remember not to overflow it. Otherwise, it will hold all the cubes together and there will be a mess.

  • Use only the vinegar. Don’t ever mix water with it. This will lessen the deodorizing element of the lemon. And you will not get the perfect deodorizing result you wanted.

5. Refrigerate the Cubes for a Few Hours or Let It Sit Overnight

Make sure that the cubes are rock hard. You refrigerate the cubes for the perfect amount of time.

  • Bring out the cubes from the cube tray and get them in a plastic zip bag and tag it. Tagging is important that no one uses them for their drinks. Leaving the cubes in the tray will get them have food smell in the cubes. So make sure that you zip bag it and store in the refrigerate.

6. Drop One Piece of Ice Cube in the Disposal Every Night

Lastly, just put a piece of an ice cube in your disposal every night to keep your garbage disposal odor free.

With the help of this trick, you can easily keep your disposal stench free always and keep your kitchen smell good all the time.