How To Maintain A Garbage Disposal

by Paul

Are You Wondering How to Maintain a Garbage Disposal Unit?

Cleaning up kitchen and food dirt sometimes get messy and hard.

But if you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen, then cleaning and maintaining everything will be so much easier.

Maintaining your garbage disposal will help you avoid problems with the disposal. So how to maintain a garbage disposal properly? Well, you have to follow some rules while maintaining a garbage disposal.

It is easy to use but sometimes hard to maintain if you don’t know the facts. The following suggestions will help you to maintain your garbage disposal properly and it will last longer than you can think.

Don’t Put Anything Too Hard Into Your Garbage Disposal

Food wastes like thick bones, hard beans, the outside shell of shrimp or crabs etc will stick and jam the blade and motor if you put them in the garbage disposal. So you have to be very careful what kind of food waste you are putting into your garbage disposal.

Don’t Put Oil and Grease Left Out From the Oily Foods

Grilled foods, meats, steaks make a lot of oil come out of them while cooking. If you put these oil and grease into your garbage disposal, then they will be jammed in the whole area of your disposal. The inside will get all sticky and oily. Again they will slowly decrease the ability of the machine to work fast. So you must not put oil or grease into your garbage disposal.

Cut Large Items

You might be in a hurry and put all the waste including large and small in your garbage disposal altogether. But you must not put the large items directly in the disposal. Be patient so that the machine can last longer. While cleaning your kitchen just cut the skins of fruits or vegetables into smaller pieces. Then put them. This will help the machine to work fast instead of slowing down.

Use cold water after using the disposal

Run cold water after using the machine for 30 to 40 seconds. The cold water will help the disposal to be cooled down fast and easily. It will also make all the grease and oil turn into solid. So that they can be chopped easily. Never use hot water. It is very unhealthy for the disposal. Make this a habit to use cold water after using the disposal.

Keep Your Garbage Disposal Clean

The disposal cleans all the dirt from your kitchen. So it is your duty to clean it regularly so that it can do the work properly. Clean the inner part with a wet towel. Use cold water and ice. It will help to remove the dirt from the blade for which it cannot grind properly. Use orange peels or any citrus rinds regularly. It will clean the inside and will give a nice scent.

Don’t Use Bleach To Clean

Don’t use any harsh chemicals like bleach or drain cleaners to clean your disposal. They might damage the quality of the whole thing and will make it last less long. It is better to use any kind of natural sink cleaner to clean the garbage disposal.

Don’t put a large amount of food at a time

Take all the wastes from your kitchen and divide them into 4 or 5 sections. Cut them into smaller pieces, then put one section into the disposal. Avoid putting all the dirt all together at once. It will be hard for the machine to take the load. Try putting a little amount of dirt at a time with cold water running. The whole process will be done in no time.

Final Thoughts

If you follow these steps, it will be very easy for you to use and maintain your garbage disposal. All electric machines need proper care to work perfectly and to last longer. Be patient while using your garbage disposal and it will give you the best output.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my article on how to maintain a garbage disposal unit and if you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!