Waste King L-3300 Review

by Paul

Are you concerned about the high amount of garbage produced every day in your kitchen that needs a proper disposal unit? Or maybe it is time to change the old garbage disposal because it scares your neighbors when you give it a start.

If budget is a concern for you, then Waste King L-3300 is my suggestion for the best mid-range food waste disposer from Waste King. I’m calling it mid-range in a sense of price, capacity, power and warranty. You are getting this powerful garbage grinder with a long term warranty.

If we think about value for money, this can be a great choice for your kitchen as well as your pocket.

Features of the Waste King L-3300

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3/4 HP


2700 RPM


10 Lbs


8.5 x 8.5 x 14.5

Feed Type


Grind Material

Stainless Steel

Septic Safe?



10 year limited

Grind Capacity

This continuous feed food waste disposer has a Vortex powered Permanent Magnet Motor with a power of ¾ hp that runs at a high speed of 2700 rpm. It can literally do all the grinding you ever need in your kitchen.

If you are a medium or big family with the needs of a fairly high amount of wastage disposal, then it is a great choice for you. It will grind up all kind of food wastage that you can put down your sink.

Ease of Installation

You get the EZ mount system with this food waste disposer, which makes the installation super easy and hassle free. They provide all installation required item as well as a clear instruction manual with your item.

So, no matter if you are a first timer who doesn’t want to spend extra bucks for installation or a DIY lover, it won’t be very hard to install. If you want to replace it with your old 3-bolt mounting, then you may have to go through twice as many steps as the regular installation. My point is, you need to install it once. And after that, the performance is what always going to matter.

Even if it takes more time to read the instructions carefully and know everything you need to know before going for an installation, you should do it. Once you install it properly, you will not be disappointed with the performance.

Installation Information

Installation Type

EZ Mount




6 Amps

Max Sink Thickness

1/2 Inch

Dishwasher Hose Size

7/8 Inch

Drain Connection Size

1-1/2 Inch

Cord Included


Cord Length

32 Inches

Durability & Performance

A disposal that does not last long is not a good one. The first thing you should ask when you are concerned about durability is, “Is it corrosion proof”? The answer is yes. The device has corrosion-proof & rust-free stainless steel grinding components. That ensures no internal breakage by corrosion.

Also, the powerful high-speed vortex motor blends the food waste into liquid form and helps to reduce the chances of jamming. The internal grinding unit is corrosion proof and built with durable glass filled nylon that guarantees long-term performance. See more reviews here.

Energy Efficient & Eco-Friendly

The powerful motor of Waste King L-3300 operates very fast and grinds your wastage at a very good speed. It is fast enough to save your electricity and water. That helps you save your time and decrease your utility bills.

Noise Levels

No, the sound produced by this food waste disposer is not going to scare your baby or your neighbors. But it is not totally sound proof. This powerful device has sound insulation system for quiet operation. Instead of that many users complain that it makes noise when starting the operation.

Waste King L-3300 might not be the best choice if you are looking for the least noisy garbage disposal. But the noise is still tolerable compared to that of the old garbage disposals. That being said, the noise level is negligible for those who are not extra concerned about it.

Size of the Disposal

L-3300 food waste disposer is quite big compared to most of the other devices available on the market. So you need to have enough room to fit this 9.8 x 9.8 x 15.4 inches' disposal under your kitchen sink.

Warranty Length

The 10 years In-home Mechanical Warranty is a very lucrative feature of this food waste disposer. It is the best one can get from a manufacturer at this price range.

Also, its lifetime warranty for corrosion and rust ensures you that you can rely on this disposal’s durability.

Cleanliness & Safety

It has a removable splash guard which makes it easy to clean. This food waste disposer is totally safe for any usual size septic tank.

It has an 180-degree stainless steel swivel impeller that grinds at a speed of 2700 rpm. This reduces the chance of any jam and clog as the waste gets liquefied while grinding. Also, the front mounted reset button is very easy to find.

So, it’s an easy and safe option for anyone who is looking for a powerful garbage disposal within budget

Pros & Cons

The Good

  • Highly powerful
  • Fast installation with EZ Mount system
  • Stainless steel corrosion proof swivel impellers
  • Removable splash guard
  • Safe for regular septic tanks
  • Competitive price comparing the other disposals with same power
  • 10 years mechanical and lifetime corrosion warranty

The Bad


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In conclusion, Waste King L-3300 is not the best option if you are looking for the least noisy disposal or the most powerful garbage disposal in the market. But it will cost you less and serve more.

You can read a lot of authentic reviews from hundreds of consumers on Amazon. To make sure you get the best disposal on a budget I will suggest you to get it if all the specifications you read are good enough for you.

If you need a more powerful unit with 1 hp motor then check out this model!