Moen GXP33C Garbage Disposal Tested & Reviewed

by Paul

Moen GXP33C Lite Series PRO 1/3 HP Continuous...
  • LITE SERIES: Designed for those who rarely...
  • POWERFUL GRINDING: 1,900 RPM, ⅓ horsepower...
  • SIMPLE SWAP: Fits most existing assemblies,...
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Compact design is lightweight...

When I looked online for a garbage disposal system which was able to fit into my small space, I found out that Moen GXP33C Garbage disposal to be the best one. This particular disposal is known for its efficiency and attractive design. So let’s jump right into the features.

Moen GXP33C Garbage Disposal

Price & Features

Moen GXP33C Garbage Disposal


A voltage of 115 volts

Has weight of 7.75 pounds

It has an overall width of 5-3/8 inches and height of 13-3/8 inches

No batteries are required

Power cord included, therefore, you will not buy another separately

It also has a mounting assembly, drains elbow, drain stopper, flange and splash guard

Warranty of 2 years

Features of Moen GXP33C Garbage Disposal

Moen GXP33C Garbage Disposal Installation


This equipment has been designed so that I can even install it under the small space of my sink. It measures about 13.4 by 5.4 by 5.4 and weighs about 8 lbs.

Its design is able to allow me to connect to many of the mounting assembling which has 3 bolts. This can be beneficial to me especially when I am changing an old one with a new one.

Noise, power and Size

This equipment uses 1/3 HP motor which yields 1,900 RPM grinding speed.

Since the size of its motor is small it produces less noise but due to lack of sound deadening property, it means that I will be able to hear a lot of noise.

However, the structure of the equipment is able to block some of the same there it will not be loud when I am using it.

In case you’d like to get disposal which is very powerful enough to go through tough waste products then I have to choose a larger unit.

Grinder and Feed

Moen GXP33C Garbage disposal has a continuous operating feed mode, therefore, therefore it will be able to grind all the food waste so long as I continue to power it. Its permanent motor has the ability to soften food waste, however, I must be careful so that I do not feed it will all waste at once since it can clog.

Another best thing about this equipment is that its motor has the ability to start at high speed where it will be able to grind up soft foods without jamming or harming it. This grinding component has been built from galvanized steel, therefore it’s very durable and resistant against corrosion.

Grinding, Grinding, Still Grinding!

Since I got Moen GXP33C Garbage Disposal from an online retailer, I did not see it personally, but it lived up to my expectancy. Regarding the noise, I could hear it quite well, but I was pleased with the service it offered me. Then, it struck me that it has a high-speed motor it has a low probability of jamming, which is a plus I did not think of initially. This particular disposer is small, so it won’t take much space under your sink.

Pros & Cons


  • Very easy to install, as I found out that I was able to install it within less than an hour
  • Easy to follow and understandable guide which offer valuable information
  • Since it has a small powerful motor which is capable of produce a grinding of 1,900 RPM, then it’s the best model that I can get in the market


  • Considering the power and motor, while it does the job, it is not meant for heavy use and large pieces of food
  • Although the noise level is tolerable, it is not the quietest model on the market


In case you are concerned about the amount of waste which I produce, then this model will offer you a cost-efficient way indeed. I hope that you will find my Moen GXP33C Garbage disposal review to be useful to you and your family.