InSinkerator Evolution Excel Garbage Disposal Review

by Paul

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After the late 80s the technology of a basic sink garbage disposal has gone insanely good. With features that give you super easy installation, nearly zero noise, power of grinding anything at a much faster speed - it’s been more user friendly for consumers. The garbage disposal nowdays contain a super-premium outlook. That will make you feel like putting it anywhere than under your kitchen sink.

If there is a single garbage disposal that contains all those features all together then that is the name of InSinkErator Evolution Excel.

The InSinkErator Evolution Excel is currently one of the most high-end technology based garbage disposals available in the market. The name Excel itself stands for the top performance and features of the device compared to any other sink garbage disposal currently available in the market.

Features of the Insinkerator Evolution Excel

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1 HP


1725 RPM


19.76 Lbs


13 x 12 x 12

Feed Type


Grind Material

Stainless Steel

Septic Safe?



7 Year

Since I’ve been reading about garbage disposals I got to know that there is hype about this one to be the best garbage disposal in the market.

Not only that, this will cost you $100 more than a usual garbage disposal. Well, my first thought was it has to be very good to justify those extra bucks.

After all the researches and reviews from the real users, it quickly became one of my most favorite disposals for many reasons. I’ve seen many to use this garbage disposal and felt the best garbage disposal hype is true! 

It is truly an awesome unit that will live up to your expectations and worth the extra bucks you are paying for it. I’ll explain each of those reasons behind it getting so popular to users. Before that let me tell you another story.

Don't go for the Cheap solutions! Count it as a long term investment for your kitchen.

I’ve seen many people who bought garbage disposals for their different type of family use. There are many people who look for a cheap unit for their kitchen and regret after the unit gets broken, clogged or jammed. Eventually, this costs them more than the one time purchase of a good unit with a higher price.

Those who are thinking about buying a good sink garbage disposal for medium or heavy use for their kitchen and want to get rid of all your kitchen wastage without any risk, this one is is the best garbage disposal that will cost you more, but will provide you the most valued performance than any other garbage disposal.

Power & Capacity

quietest garbage disposal
  • 1 horsepower Dura-Drive induction motor
  • 1725 RMP Speed
  • Best For Big Family

This heavy duty garbage disposal monster will literally eat your kitchen waste like never before. It has a powerful 1 horsepower Dura-Drive induction motor!

The 3 stage grinding technology is exclusively available only on this garbage disposal. This 3 stage grinding system is super-efficient on processing your all kind of kitchen garbage that needs to be disposed of. (See the full specifications on amazon).

No matter if it’s thanksgiving or a normal weekend get-together party! Your fruit peels, uneaten frozen foods, fish bones or even drumsticks; it will grind the waste into super finest particles that will easily go through your drain. No tension of jam or clog.

It is a continuous feed garbage disposal that operates continuously even when you are doing your dishes.

The Insinkerator Evolution Excel 1.0 hp household garbage disposer is just the perfect solution with high power & great capacity.

This significantly reduces the time and extra water consumption for your sink garbage disposal. Compare the power and capacity with other disposals here!

Quietest Garbage Disposal Ever

  • Speed Sound Seal Plus™ Technology
  • Anti-Vibration Mount™ 
  • Quiet Collar™ Sink Baffle
  • Anti-Vibration Tailpipe Mount™

InSinkerator Evolution excel is the quietest garbage disposal available in the market. This disposal is for those who are looking for a garbage disposal that is extremely quiet.

It will not make any noise to interrupt your sleeping baby. Or, it won’t disturb you because you live in a studio apartment, or you have an open kitchen.

The most silence efficient garbage grinder is here. You won’t even notice that this monster is breaking the leftover bones of your plate inside its powerful grinding chamber.

Auto Reverse Grinding Technology

most quiet garbage disposal

See more reviews about the silent operation on amazon.

I can remember many consumers complaining how loud their garbage grinders sound when they start operating and especially during heavy use. Most of the consumer complaints are about the irritating continuous sound and vibrations. Let me tell you those days are gone.

InSinkErator Evolution Excel disposal feature sound seal plus technology along with the mountings on neck and pipeline. It makes sure you get no idea of its existence when you operate. No vibration or irritating motor noise that create an awkward situation in front of your guests.

Jam Sensor & Auto Reverse Technology

The durable stainless steel grinding chamber and grinding components ensure more longevity and less corrosion or rust. No rust means No internal parts breakage. It’s seen that the leftover particles are much smaller than any other usual disposal. That ensures least chance of your drainage pipe gets clogged.

“ Jam sensor with Auto reverse grind will make you ask 'what is clog??' ”

The jam sensor is an awesome technology. It will automatically find if there is any jam occurring inside your grinding chamber. The auto-reverse system will grind automatically at a reverse direction to increase torque and break the toughest jams.

These technologies together ensure a very durable operation. It ensures the device to last longer than any other garbage disposal.


The installation is easy with the quick lock mounting system. If you are replacing an old badger, you just need to twist off the old disposer and twist on the new one.

Otherwise, there are all parts included to complete the installation. Also, there is a clear installation instruction that will help you to easily fit this device under your sink.

Just make sure you read all the instructions and follow those properly to avoid any kind of leakage or mess in future. T

he device comes with a quick lock mount sink, a rubber baffle, an anti-vibration tail pipe mounting, a wrench, a topper and an instruction manual. These parts are enough to complete the installation.

Please remember, if you don’t have a power cord then you need to buy it extra. Other than that you need to have some plumber’s putty. Read the directions and follow them properly. That’s it! Your installation is done.

Installation Information

Installation Type

Quick Lock




10 Amps

Max Sink Thickness


Dishwasher Hose Size


Drain Connection Size

1-1/2 inch drainpipe

Cord Included


Cord Length



Best garbage disposal

InSinkErator Evolution Excel is a medium size sink garbage disposal unit but with a lots of weight. So you must make sure that you have a person to help while installation.

This garbage monster has a dimension of 9x9x13.5 inches and weight of 26 pounds.

So when you go for the quick lock installation make sure you put something under the device. The heavy weight will make it hard to install for a single person.


7 Years In-Home Warranty

You get 7 years in Home warranty from InSinkErator for this device. This is not the longest warranty period available for any garbage disposal.

You get lifelong warranty for the Waste King devices, but this warranty is also not bad. This is the highest you get from InSinkErator.

It covers labor and mechanical cost if there is a problem within the time period of 7 years. Also, InSinkErator has a great support team that responds immediately you ask for help.

What Users Had to Say

I’ve already mentioned that this device is very popular among the consumers. I’ve seen many reports saying this as the best garbage disposal available in the market. If I eliminate what I’ve read from different resources and only concentrate on what the real users say from my practical experience, I’ll say no other garbage disposal is near to this one.

90% of Consumers Rate It 5 Stars

Power, quiet operation, durability, design; everything makes it the most premium garbage disposal in the market. The only issue people are aware of InSinkErator Evolution Excel is the price. This is one of the most expensive units among the garbage disposals.

I can suggest many other cheap options with lots of features, but I’d also say those will not be as good as this one. If you are looking for the best garbage disposal in the market you can go for it. Check Real User Reviews on Amazon!

Pros & Cons of Insinkerator Evolution Excel


  • Super powerful high performing Best Garbage Disposal
  • Quietest Garbage disposal with multiple layers to trap noise inside
  • 3 grind stage technology exclusively available in Evolution Excel
  • Finest leftover particles safe for drainage system
  • Most powerful disposal with 1 horsepower motor
  • Automatic jam sensor exclusively available in Evolution Excel
  • Auto Reverse technology to reduce clog inside grinding chamber
  • No rust or Corrosion with Stainless steel chamber and grinding components
  • Quick lock mounting for easy Installation
  • Best for consumers who are looking for the best product
  • Premium outlook and design
  • Best choice for wide range kitchen with no noise


  • The only negative point is the heavyweight that can cause problem while installation.
  • You must read the instructions properly and then go for a proper installation to avoid any kind of leakage in future.


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People often ask me to recommend the perfect, best garbage disposal, but the definition of perfect changes from person to person. I love this disposal for being just perfect for its powerful operation and the exclusive features.

Also, I know this is a durable device that will serve you for a long time. That’s why I see it as a long-term solution for a family even if it costs higher than usual disposers.

If this does not fulfill your criteria, then there are many other options you can go for at a reasonable price. You can check and compare this garbage disposal with the others from here!