InSinkErator Evolution Essential Review

by Paul

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If you are looking for the best food disposal for a high amount of kitchen operations, then this is the perfect one for you.

The InSinkErator Essential is one of the best garbage disposers available in the market right now. I would suggest this one to those buyers who have a medium or big-sized family, as they need to dispose of almost every type of food waste that are allowed to put into a disposal sink. No matter what you feed this powerful giant, it will chew up your food at an awesome speed and will not complain a bit.

Insinkerator Evolution Essential is a lot cheaper than the Evolution Excel. So if you have budget constraint and you want to buy the closest one to the best food disposals, then this disposer is for you.

Features of the InSinkErator Evolution Essential

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3/4 HP


1725 RPM


25.2 Lbs


14 x 10 x 13 Inches

Feed Type


Grind Material

Stainless Steel

Septic Safe?



6 Year 


disposal sink
  • 3/4 Horsepower Motor
  • 2600 RMP Speed
  • Best For Medium/Big Family

The powerful continuous feed garbage disposer has a motor of ¾ horsepower. But the spinning speed is more than the other disposers like Evolution Compact. The motor spins at a rate of 2600 rpm so you can easily put your kitchen wastage into this unit. It also operates as a very fast and powerful grinder.

The powerful induction motor and the cutting edge grinding technology disposes of almost every food waste that you put into it. No matter if you put the old food from your refrigerator or the leftovers from your plate. It will grind your potato peels to chicken bones into liquid forms and leave smaller wastage particles into your sewage system.


Auto Reverse Grinding Technology

Food disposal

The double grinding chamber makes sure your wastes are processed into finest particles and make the operation super safe for your sewage system.

Also, it has an Auto Reverse Grind system that makes automatic reverse spin. It works perfectly when there is a jam or clog inside your grinding unit. This significantly reduces the chance of jam and any internal parts breakage.

This is one of the best stainless steel units available on the market. Not only the stainless steel grinding components, but also it contains a Stainless steel grinding chamber.

So there are very low possibilities of corrosion and rust. The reduced chance of jam and rust makes it a safer option for your kitchen and sewage system.


compact garbage disposal

The installation process for InSinkerator Essential is pretty easy, as they have a quick lock system. Each and every part is provided needed for installation.

You may just need to buy some plumbers putty to complete it by yourself. If you are replacing your old badger disposal, then it’ll take just about 20 to 30 minutes max. 

You can follow the installation steps provided by InSinkErator. Call them for any type of queries or even search for real user videos uploaded on Youtube.

Just remember, before starting the installation just read the instructions clearly.

Installation Information

Installation Type

Quick Lock




8.1 Amps

Max Sink Thickness


Dishwasher Hose Size


Drain Connection Size

1-1/2 Inches

Cord Included


Cord Length



The InSinkErator Evolution Essential is one of the quietest food disposals. Many choose this disposal because of its quietness while operation. The Sound Seal Technology delivers very quiet performance even when you put the hardest garbage from your kitchen to dispose of.

It has a rubber cushion Anti-Vibration mounting system that prevents that sink from shaking while grinding. This Anti-Vibration mounting is also available on the tail pipe connected with the food disposal unit. So you experience the least noise and shake from this device.

As most of the real user say, this is a very silent but efficient food disposal. You will not be disappointed if you are looking for a good disposal, which you don't want to hear when turned on.


This unit is quite a big device to fit under your sink. As you are using this for a big family and getting powerful performance out of it, you have to consider the size. The dimensions are 14 x 10 x 13 inches with a weight of 25.1 pounds.

It has 40 oz. stainless steel grinding chamber which is capable of processing a big amount of wastage at a time. So if you have enough space under your sink, then you no need to worry. But be careful and measure the space before you buy it.


6 Years In-Home Warranty

This unit gives you warranty of 6 years period of time which is larger than many other disposers available in the market. This warranty covers In-home labor and mechanical cost.

In my opinion, this warranty is a pretty lucrative option as Insinkerator provides very good customer support.

So if there is a mechanical problem that covers your warranty then you will get an in-home replacement made by InSinkErator.

User Reviews

InSinkErator Evolution Essential

Most of the consumers are satisfied with this unit because of the powerful operation. I’ve referred this device personally to many friends of mine and got some real reviews from them.

Most of them said they are super satisfied because of the sound level is so low you don’t feel any interruption on whatever you are doing. 

The installation is straight forward without any hassle and the operation is awesome. Overall this is one of the most compact garbage disposals available in the market. All they complained about is, it is a bit bigger and takes a lot of space.

One of them said that the water flows slowly because of the rubber gasket. But this gasket prevents grinding sound from coming over the sink. It also prevents falling any kind of small cutleries inside the grinding chamber.

Still this slow draining water can be annoying when you put a lot of water in the sink at a time.

Pros & Cons


  • High power heavy duty food disposal
  • Super quiet disposal unit comparing most of the units available in market
  • Best for the big houses with more than 4 people
  • Powerful disposal with ¾ horsepower motor
  • Rust and corrosion proof Stainless Steel grinding chamber & grinding components
  • Multi Grind technology that grind your food waste on two stages
  • Quick and straight Installation
  • Best choice for wide range kitchen


  • The first negative issue you must consider before buying this food disposal is you need to have enough space under your sink.
  • The rubber gasket may cause the water drainage comparatively slower than usual. If that represents a problem for you, then you can complain to InSinkErator support. They will provide support and solution.


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According to me and my real reviewers, it is one of the best compact garbage disposals for you if you have a medium or big family. As they produce a wide range food waste regularly and need to dispose of that.

I will also prefer this device because of its silent operation. So, you don’t have to worry about sound or vibration. This device looks pretty smart but will take a good amount of space under your sink.

It is an easily installable device and good for DIYers or a regular plumber.