TECCPO ½ Horsepower Garbage Disposal Review

by Paul

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If you’re like me, then you have three main criteria for your garbage disposals. They must be easy to install, run quietly, and get the job done without clogging or any other unpleasant experiences.

In order to see if it met these criteria, I obtained a TECCPO garbage disposal (the TECCPO ½ Horsepower disposal, for the record) and tested it out. Read on to discover my findings.

TECCPO ½ Horsepower Price & Features

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1/2 HP


1780 RPM


13.45 Lbs


‎7.28 x 7.28 x 11.81

Feed Type


Grind Material

Corrosion Proof Polymer

Septic Safe?



5 Year

Unlike other food disposal units that use grinding blades to chop up food waste, the TECCPO garbage disposal has a non-blade grinding design.

It uses a combination of two pendulum hammers and stainless steel components that are designed to break the food waste down into small particles once you turn it on. On top of this, the disposal was designed with TECCPO’s patented close mute technology.

This means that it makes very little noise. The company claims that it produces between 20 and 60 decibels of sound, depending on how it’s installed. I’m pleased to say that I agree with this claim, as it was very quiet when I ran it – even when it was full of food scraps.

TECCPO Garbage Disposal Performance

To begin with, the TECCPO garbage disposal is an in sink disposal. This means that it sits inside of my sink and I can send food scraps down the drain. Almost every unit that you’ll find these days is this type of food disposal equipment.

The TECCPO is also a continuous disposal, meaning that you don’t have to let food built up in it before you turn the machine on. It’s designed to run as you fill it. I prefer this to the other type of disposer because I hate to leave food scraps sitting around in my kitchen – even if they are in the disposal itself.

The continuous feed just makes life much easier and prevents this from occurring.

Installation Information

Installation Type





6.8 Amps

Max Sink Thickness


Dishwasher Hose Size


Drain Connection Size

1-1/2 Inches

Cord Included


Cord Length

25.6 Inches

Grind Capabilities

Another thing that makes the TECCPO garbage disposal different from its competitors is the fact that you can put additional types of food waste down it. What do I mean by this? Well, with other units, I was always aware of the fact that they couldn’t grind up things like chicken bones or shells.

Those would clog up the works and cause quite a few problems. In some cases, they even broke the sink disposal. That’s not the case with the TECCPO. In fact, they even claim that you can put bones, seafood shells and more down the disposer and it will grind them up with ease.

I tested this and was very pleased with the results. Their proprietary pendulum and stainless steel components really do the job nicely.


Overall, this food disposal is a fine piece of kitchen equipment. It has a ½ horsepower, 120-volt motor. The motor is made of copper and spins at 1,780 RPM or rotations per minute. If anything malfunctions while the sink disposal is running, the machine will automatically turn off.

This prevents additional damage from occurring. If something mechanical should go wrong, then the five-year manufacturer kicks in, covering everything from parts to other issues.

The TECCPO garbage disposal is also easy to install. I had no problems with the installation of this unit, and it even came with everything I needed. The box contains the disposer, a power cord, a flange, a stopper, a splash guard, and even a hex wrench. It’s designed to work with dishwashers, as well as without one. This means that it’s very versatile and will fit into many different kitchens.


Speaking of kitchens, the TECCPO will easily fit into yours. (After all, I had few problems fitting it into my tiny kitchen.) It doesn’t take up much under sink space, and it measures 7.25 inches long, 7.25 inches wide, and 11.81 inches tall.

It fits nicely under many different kitchen sinks and even leaves from space for additional storage around it. Even more impressive is the fact that this disposal has a large 38-ounce capacity. This means that it holds quite a bit of food scraps – despite its small size.

Pros & Cons


  • Small in size
  • Five-year manufacturer warranty
  • Comes with many of the items that you need for installation
  • Very quiet motor
  • Unique grinding system


  • Installation may not be as easy as it sounds if you have little plumbing experience
  • Only runs at ½ horsepower

Final Thoughts

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After examining every aspect of the TECCPO garbage disposal, I have to recommend it to people. This machine is small but mighty. It will grind up even the toughest of food waste, including bones and shells.

I found that it upheld every one of my expectations, something that many garbage disposals simply don’t do. Thanks to its small size, quiet motor, and extreme power, if you’re in the market for a solid, reliable garbage disposal, you don’t have to look much further. You can purchase the TECCPO here.