Kitchen Aid KCDB250G Review

by Paul

If you need a garbage disposal for your kitchen and you are thinking of buying one, you should consider Kitchen Aid’s garbage disposals.

There are several models from their disposal line that I prefer to put in the list of the best disposals in the market. Kitchen Aid KCDB250G is one of those disposals. It is a ½ HP garbage disposal that can easily eat up your everyday food leftovers and help to keep the kitchen clean and fresh.

When someone tends to buy any appliance and asks for any kind of review or assistance from me, the first thing I say to them is to consider what they really want. It is not necessary that the most popular garbage disposal in the market can fulfill your every need and be the perfect disposal for you. Only you can decide which one will serve your needs mostly.

If you need a garbage disposal for a medium to small family that needs a garbage disposal every day, you can easily go for this Kitchen Aid disposal. For me. Kitchen Aid is one of the most preferred kitchen appliances brand. I have always trusted Kitchen Aid for their awesome quality products. That’s why when one of my colleagues asked me to do some research about this ½ HP disposal, I was more than happy to do so.

I had some reports and reviews of real customers from several sources, when I formed an opinion about this disposal. As we both had no personal experience with the product, my colleague and I just went for the disposal, pure depending on those reviews. And we were not disappointed. He is still using the unit, and I still get credit for convincing him to go with this choice.

Features of the Kitchen Aid KCDB250G Garbage Disposal

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1/2 HP


1725 RPM


14.12 Lbs


6.63 x 6.63 x 11.38

Feed Type


Grind Material

Stainless Steel

Septic Safe?



1 Year Limited

Power & Performance

Kitchen Aid KCDB2505G is a continuous feed garbage disposal that comes with a ½ hp motor and spins at the rate of 1725 RPMs. This disposal is popular for its power efficient grinding that saves time and energy. The ½ HP motor is powerful enough to process all the food scrapes continuously without any hiccups.

The grinding quality of this disposal is amazing. You just need to put the waste inside it, open the water tap and wait for the powerful operation. All I can say is this is a good quality, power efficient disposal that is highly efficient on grinding waste.

Convenient Design

Kitchen Aid is always popular for their amazingly beautiful looking appliances. It is really undeniable how good their products look. But besides the amazing looks, the Kitchen aid products are always well made. The quality material is what I expect from any kitchen aid product that will last for years.

The Kitchen Aid KCDB250G is not different from all the other quality products of Kitchen Aid. The design is amazing with strong making. The disposal has corrosion proof grinding chamber and stainless steel swivel impellers.

Price Range

This is a value for money garbage disposal that can easily fit into your budget. The price of this disposal is similar to the competitive range.

If you compare the other ½ HP garbage disposals in the market, you will find the price quite reasonable. So, for those who have a small budget concern, I can assure this product as a good value for money.

Installation Process

Installing this product is quite similar to most of the garbage disposals, as it has a three bolt mounting system. One complaint I got from few users is; it can be confusing sometimes if you are doing the installation for the first time.

Because there are only written instructions to complete the installation, that can be unclear for people. I would suggest you read the instructions thoroughly, and then go for the installation. If you think you are confused, I’d suggest you get a professional plumber’s help.

Installation Information

Installation Type

3-Bolt Mount




15 Amps

Max Sink Thickness


Dishwasher Hose Size


Drain Connection Size


Cord Included


Cord Length


Noise When Running

The noise level of this disposal is not significantly low, but it is not high too. The sound level is similar to regular ½ HP disposals, but more than the disposals that contain high sound seal technology. For me, the sound level is quite tolerable.

Check our review on the quietest garbage disposals if this is a big concern for you.


This is a big size garbage disposal. So, before you go for this disposal, you should consider checking the space under your sink. If the sink does not have a good enough space for it, then this disposal can be a problem for you.

Besides that, the heavy weight can make it difficult to install the disposal by yourself. Prefer having someone to help you during installation.


  • Strong performance
  • Convenient design
  • Overload protection with a manual reset
  • Value for money purchase
  • Good space in grinding chamber
  • Direct wire connection, No need to purchase power cord
  • Noise level is tolerable


  • Short warranty period
  • Installation can be confusing


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This disposal is a value for money purchase for anyone looking for a good disposal for a small family, within a small budget.

The only thing I honestly do not like about this disposal is the short term (1 year limited) warranty period provided by Kitchen Aid. Excluding that, I think Kitchen Aid KCDB2505G is a compact ½ HP continuous garbage disposal.

I have seen my colleague using that disposal for the last 3 years. The disposal has handled everything from vegetable scraps to small pieces of meat. Overall, he is very pleased with this unit. So, I love to recommend it as a good ½ HP disposal.