How You Can Avoid Kitchen Sink Blockages At Home

by Paul

Kitchen sink blockage

The kitchen is the most important part of our house. If there is any problem with the kitchen you can not work there easily.

So it is important to keep the kitchen neat and tidy. So let’s discuss how you can avoid kitchen sink blockages at home.

Having kitchen sink blockage is a very common problem among us. 

If it is your garbage disposal that got clogged instead, i've also made a post to help you with it.

We run after the tricks in which we can use to repair the kitchen sink blockage. But if there are ways to prevent the blockage then it would be more helpful for us. Here is a guide to keep the sink getting clog free.

The Tricks on How You Can Avoid Kitchen Sink Blockages at Home are Given Below:

Avoid to Drain the Tea Leaves in the Sink

Tea leaves are easy to get stuck in the drains-bend. Which will cause you clogging problem in your kitchen pipes. Besides putting tea leaves in the sink, it can be a good compost for your garden. And the sink lines will be clear, there will be no blockage problems in the kitchen sink.

Avoid to Put Food That Can Swell Up When It Gets in Touch of Water

Do not ever put food that can swell up when it gets in a touch of the water. The food gets swelled up and gets stuck in the kitchen sink. This causes sink blockage. That kind of food is strictly prohibited to p[ut in the sink line. Here is list of foods that can make sink blockage:

  • Flour
  • Rice
  • Gelatin
  • Semolina

Avoid to Put Hot Food Fats

Avoid to put hot food fats directly in the sink line. The fat will cool down after a while and cause you sink blockage. The fat blockage is very common. Because we often make this mistake to put hot fat directly in the sink line. And when the fat gets connected to the cold water it cools down and congeals the sink pipe.

Avoid to Put Vegetable or Fruit Skin in the Skin Lines

You have to be careful about not to put vegetables or vegetable skin in the sink line. That can cause you sink jam. This can block the lines and the lines can overflow with the waste. This will cause you face a problem like bad odor problems.

Avoid to Put Food Waste in the Kitchen Sink

You have to be much careful about not putting food waste in the kitchen sink. That can easily make sink blockage and create odor problems. If you are able to avoid putting food in the kitchen sink you can ensure that there is less possibility of getting a blocked kitchen sink. Try to compost the food waste to maintain the ecosystem.

Sink blockage can be a major problem for yours. If you get yourself able to keep the kitchen lines unclogged then you will not have to face the clogging problems and can have a clean kitchen. This will help you to work in the kitchen easily and comfortably. A neat and tidy kitchen can produce you a healthy life.