Do You Need a Dishwasher With a Garbage Disposal?

by Paul

A dishwasher is an inevitable option for homes with a good number of people.

Because after every good meal there is a pile of dishes that needs to cleaned up and thanks to the dishwashers, it’s way easier. Having a dishwasher in your kitchen can save you a lot of time and effort. It is quite an essential appliance. But, do you need a dishwasher along with a garbage disposal? How important is it to have a dishwasher with garbage disposal in your kitchen?

Those who are buying a new dishwasher and do not have a disposal unit ask me a lot about having a new disposal too. Do you need a garbage disposal with a dishwasher? Well, that depends on what type of dishwasher you are buying.

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In most cases, it’s a good option to have a garbage disposal attached to your dishwasher. Because it cleans all kinds of hard & big food leftovers that your dishwasher throws and ultimately clogs the drain line if there is no disposal. So a disposal is a perfect option to clean all that mess automatically and get rid of that hassle to clean clogged pipes by yourself regularly.

dishwasher with garbage disposal

Different Types of Dishwashers

There are different types of dishwashers available in the market. One type is a dishwasher with built-in disposal while another has a filtration system.

Dishwasher with Food Disposal (built-in):

All the basic models contain a system being able to dispose soft food into small particles. But a good majority of dishwasher with disposal has built-in system, that also can process hard and big chunk of foods and dispose of that. These most of the time are commercial grade garbage disposal units.

Dishwasher with Filtration System:

European models of dishwashers use a high-temperature washing technique with pressure, that easily breaks down all the food leftover into small particles. Due to this extra hot water pressure wash, these dishwashers don’t need a built-in disposal system inside. But you need to check the filter every 10 days or at least once in a month.

Which One is Better - Hard Food Disposer or Filtration System?

Dishwasher with a filtration system is more preferred for being more energy-sufficient and less noisy option by the consumers. The dishwasher with food disposals are noisier, but you don’t need to check up the filtration regularly. So, hard food disposer or filtration? It depends on the preference of the user which one to choose. 

It is also good to consider the quiet garbage disposal models in the market which have a built in technology to dampen the noise generated.

Do You Need a Dishwasher with Garbage Disposal Unit?

So, do you need an extra garbage disposal if your dishwasher already has on built-in inside it? Maybe not. But a dishwasher’s built in disposal will never perform like a disposal unit that runs individually.

Well, you cannot put extra food waste in your dishwasher to get disposed. I think a disposal has its own need in the kitchen. It certainly is helpful for you to have a disposer connected to your dishwasher.

Clogged drain lines are like nightmares. Cleaning drain pipes regularly can cost you more than the cost of a whole disposal unit or a good amount of work after every few days. A proper garbage disposal will not let your drain pipes, get clogged and after few days you just clean it, but if you do not have a disposal attached to a dishwasher, it may happen.

The home dweller website says that a  dishwashers filtration system needs to get cleaned regularly. There will be no need to clean the filtration regularly if your dishwasher is connected to a garbage disposal. If you have a disposal under your sink cleaning that automatically for you, should you go for a dishwasher without a disposal? It is all about how convenient you want your cleaning system to be.

Those who are still hesitant, in conclusion: do you need a garbage disposal with a dishwasher? No, technically it is not a must. But yes, it is a more convenient option to use a dishwasher with garbage disposal.

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