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Best Batch Feed Garbage Disposals

Reviewed & compared for large quantity disposal needs.

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While there are many modern kitchen essentials such as a dishwasher and refrigerator available today, there also several optional kitchen appliances that can simplify your cleaning routines. Garbage disposals find themselves at the top of this appliance list, given how useful they are when it comes to addressing troublesome food wastes and scraps.

There are two primary types of garbage disposals: batch feed and continuous feed. While this latter style has seen widespread implementation in many American homes, batch feed disposal units are the best option for homeowners interested in fully functional safety around this powerful grinding appliance.

If you’re in the market for a new batch feed garbage disposal, be sure to read this article to learn about the many benefits these productive kitchen appliances provide. In this article, you’ll also find information regarding the top factors you should consider when purchasing one of this year’s top 5 best batch feed garbage disposal units (each of which have also been reviewed in this article). 

Best Batch Feed Garbage Disposals Guide


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InSinkErator Garbage Disposal Evolution Cover...

InSinkErator Cover Control Plus Evolution



Waste King L-8000TC Controlled Activation 1...

Waste King L-8000TC



InSinkErator Evolution Essential 3/4 HP...

InSinkErator Evolution Essential



Waste King L-5000TC Batch Feed Garbage...

Waste King L-5000TC



KitchenAid KBDS100T 1 hp Batch Feed Food...

KitchenAid KBDS100T


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Batch Feed Type for the Safety Conscious

As noted, batch feed garbage disposals are the absolute best pick for homeowners interested in maintaining safety around their kitchen at all times. This is because batch feed models often require a “cap” to be placed over the operation end of the appliance before it will activate. Some units also use a specialized "key" to enable the blades, rather than a wall switch that can be accessed by adventurous young children.

Overall, batch feed garbage disposals are the best pick for safety-conscious parents, or anyone interested in preventing accidental activation of their fast-spinning grinder appliance.

Benefits of Batch Feed Disposals

Batch feed disposal units come with several significant advantages when compared to their continuous feed competitors. First and foremost, enhanced safety features stand out as a top reason to invest in a batch feed unit. With options for “capped” and “keyed” operation, you can always be sure that a batch feed disposal only turns on and grinds when your fingers are far from the operation end.

Though they include many of the same functional components, batch feed units tend to be notably quieter than their continuous feed competition. This is because you only need to turn these units on for a few seconds, rather than allowing them to whirl and grind continuously.

With the added features described above, you might expect a batch feed unit to come with a noticeably more expensive price tag. But as it turns out, these safety-enhanced units can be acquired and installed at price points comparable to continuous feed units. So, if you are shopping for a garbage disposal on a budget, you won't need to compromise essential features to find a bargain. 

Choosing the Best Batch Feed Disposal Unit

Batch Feed Type

As this title suggests, these models are designed for grinding down food waste in batches (as opposed to a continuous stream of debris). While this can slow down the overall cleanup process slightly, this convenience is traded in for an improved set a safety features that make grinding down each batch as hazard-free as possible.


As with any other kitchen appliance, choosing a disposal unit built from a durable material is essential to long-term reliability. When it comes to a garbage disposal unit, durable materials should be used both externally on the outer case and internally on the engine and blades.

Waste Volume

Before investing in a garbage disposal, be sure to consider the average amount of grindable waste that each member of your household produces. While many base-level models can handle waste from one to three people, families of four or more members should consider investing in a "family size" model that provides both more volume and grinding capacity overall.

Noise Level

Because of their core grinding action, garbage disposals of all types are bound to make some degree of extra noise. Depending on the orientation of your home and kitchen, you may consider picking up a model with a quieter operation to cut down on how much the activated disposal unit disturbs other folks in your home.

Motor Power (HP)

As with car engines, garbage disposal motors are evaluated for their base capability in horsepower. Generally speaking, a higher horsepower engine can spin a unit’s blades faster and with more force, allowing them to break up tougher materials more efficiently.

Grinding Capability (RPM)

This term refers to the total of a given unit's ability to complete its primary function, that is, grinding food waste. A garbage disposal’s grinding capability is often measured in rotations per minute (RPM), which specifically refers to how rapidly the internal blades move in order to crush up inserted food scraps.

Easy Installation

If you are intending to install your garbage disposal on your own (without a plumber’s help), you should consider investing in a disposal unit that has been rated for its easy installation. Easy-to-install units often minimize the number of specialized tools and materials needed to successfully attach a given disposal unit to your existing sink.

5 Best Waste Disposal Units Reviewed

1. InSinkErator Cover Control Plus Evolution, 3/4 HP

Top Pick

Horsepower (HP)


Speed (RPM)





(Inches - HxWxD)

10 x 10 x 16.2


Quick Lock sink mount

Grind Chamber (oz)


Though there isn’t a one-size-fits-all option when it comes to batch feed garbage disposals, the InSinkErator Cover Control Plus Evolution comes as close as possible to meeting that high standard. Capable of reaching ¾ horsepower through its Dura-Drive induction motor, this model is certainly a top pick for folks looking to grind a fair volume of food waste – up to 40 oz. per batch – without making an excessive amount of noise.

This model’s noise deadening capabilities original primarily from its two-stage MultiGrind technology, which minimizes how much noisy friction the internal gears and teeth produce. At the same time, this model’s SoundSeal technology traps internal sound and prevents it from echoing around throughout your kitchen while you clean.

This model’s magnetic CoverStart activation method is also remarkable, given that it forgoes the need for a wall or sink-mounted activation switch entirely. With a specialized chrome-plated stopper, you can count on this model to persistently preserve safety in your kitchen.

From end to end, the InSinkErator Cover Control Plus Evolution is a top pick among batch feed garbage disposal units that will certainly meet the needs of most mid-sized families.

2. Waste King L-8000TC with Power Cord, 1HP

Runner Up

Horsepower (HP)


Speed (RPM)





(Inches - HxWxD)

8 x 8 x 18.2


EZ mount

Grind Chamber (oz)


The Waste King L-8000TC comes in a close second place as the runner up for best overall batch feed garbage disposal. With a whopping 1 horsepower of power that can spin its stainless steel grinding components up to 2800 RPM, this garbage disposal is capable of chewing up a great deal of tough material in each batch.

This model is notably marked by its long-lasting durability as well. Many of its prime components are built from sturdy materials, such as the stainless steel swivel impellers and turntable. The entirety of the internal grind chamber is built to last, with a corrosion proof polymer coating the entire chamber to prevent rust from forming.

The Waste King L-8000TC comes with nearly everything you’ll need to take advantage of its user-friendly EZ mount system. With a simplified twist-and-lock design, you’ll only need to secure a few bolts and plug in this model’s 32 inch power cord (which comes standard) to get started. For this reason, the Waste King L-8000TC is also one of the best options for DIY-ers looking to install their new garbage disposal without professional assistance.

3. InSinkErator Evolution Essential, 3/4 HP

Best Quiet Batch Feed Disposal

Horsepower (HP)


Speed (RPM)





(Inches - HxWxD)

14 x 10 x 13


Quick Lock sink mount

Grind Chamber (oz)


InSinkErator Evolution Essential bares a striking similarity to its "Control Plus" cousin, with several key differences. In consideration of their similarities, though, this model uses the brand's proprietary MultiGrind technology to take advantage of its full ¾ horsepower and grind 34.6 oz. of waste per batch.

When it comes to difference, however, the InSinkErator Evolution Essential is genuinely able to shine. The differences start during its operation, which is notably quieter than other models in the same line or even some of its smaller competition. This model takes full advantage of its SoundSeal technology, allowing it to stand out as the best quiet batch feed disposal unit overall.

Also, this model uses a unique sink top-mounted switch to activate its blades, rather than a specialized stopper alone. This button – coated in a durable satin nickel finish – makes it easier to quickly pulse the grinding components, which in turn makes it easier to progressively chop up food waste that would otherwise be too fibrous to grind down.

4. Waste King L-5000TC with Power Cord, 3/4 HP

Best Budget Batch Feed Disposal

Horsepower (HP)


Speed (RPM)





(Inches - HxWxD)

17.7 x 9.7 x 9.7


EZ mount

Grind Chamber (oz)


Finding a new or replacement batch feed garbage disposal on a budget can be challenging or at least it used to be before the Waste King L-5000TC was released. This model packs in plenty of productivity and features while still maintaining a modest price tag. For example, this model generally costs 1/6 the price of other ¾ horsepower models, but it can still grind up a wide variety of food wastes at 2700 RPM.

Installing this model is a breeze, also. With the patented EZ mount system, you'll only need a couple of standard tools to install this disposal unit under your current sink. What's more, you won't even need electrical expertise to wire this model in because it comes with a pre-installed power cord attached to its main body.

Overall, the Waste King L-5000TC is the best budget batch feed disposal, hands down. With a sound-insulated grinding chamber that is as capable as many over its more expensive competition, this model should be a sure choice for folks looking to upgrade without breaking the bank.

5. KitchenAid KBDS100T Food Waste Disposer, 1 HP Silver

Best Powerful Batch Feed Garbage Disposal

Horsepower (HP)


Speed (RPM)





(Inches - HxWxD)

13.5 x 13.5 x 10


3- bolt

Grind Chamber (oz)

“Large volume”

If you’re looking for the best, most powerful batch feed garbage disposal, then look no further than the KitchenAid KBDS100T. This model is packed with a great deal of grinding capability, deriving primarily from its 1 horsepower engine that can spin at up to 1725 RPM. This model’s MultiGrind Plus also enhances its grind ability, allowing it even to handle tough and fibrous food waste that would clog up lessor models.

The KitchenAid KBDS100T’s Superba Batch Feed system is entirely unique from all of its competitors, allowing it to handle large volumes of food waste in every batch efficiently. Once the safety cover is locked in place, this batch feeding system effectively inducts more waste while simultaneously pushing out ground up material. This prevents unnecessary build-up from slowing down the grinding components.

However, should some build-up accumulate in this model's central chamber, you won't need to worry about it causing the full disposal to break down. That's because this model's Jam-Sensor technology allows it to sense a potential sticking point and disengage the motor in a split second. This sensor also has the ability to notice when an inserted material, such as a chicken bone, is too dense to be ground up.

How to Use a Batch Feed Waste Disposer

While most waste disposal units are intuitive in their operation, batch feed models require a few extra steps to function correctly. If you’re a garbage disposal first-timer, use the following steps as guidance towards successfully operating your newly installed batch feed waste disposal unit:

  1. 1
    Install your garbage disposal unit as described in your model’s owner’s guide or using the installation guide below
  2. 2
    Empty water from the connected sink basin
  3. 3
    Place the activation key in the disposal near to where the internal activation switch is located
  4. 4
    Twist the activation key and engage the blades
  5. 5
    Remove the activation key and begin to feed in food slowly. Continue until all food waste is ground down. Disengage the unit in the same manner as activation
  6. 6
    Alternatively, for cover-based units, place food waste in the disposal unit before placing the safety cover over the opening and activating the blade mechanism

Installation Guide

Installing a batch feed waste disposal unit can be challenging at first glance, especially for a DIY-er inexperienced in plumbing. While professional installation is always a prudent option, you can also opt for a hands-on installation using the user-friendly instructions in your unit's owner's manual.

While individual models will differ slightly, check out the following video for a step-by-step walkthrough of many of the major steps in the batch feed waste disposal installation process:

Cleaning & Maintenance

If you use your garbage disposal regularly, you know that it can pick up some unsavory smells after some time. As such, regular cleaning is essential to keeping your kitchen smelling fresh and clean. Consider some of these cleaning solutions to combat your garbage disposals smelly odors:

  1. 1
    While the unit is in operation, add in a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Allow the mixture to set for some time before rinsing it out.
  2. 2
    Grind some citrus peels in your unit to decrease smell (note: this only addresses undesirable odors rather than the unit’s internal cleanliness).
  3. 3
    Purchase and use a commercial garbage disposal cleaning packet according to their instructions.

Similarly, several maintenance steps can be taken to decrease the risk of damaging your disposal unit, as well as reducing the chance for odor accumulation:

  1. 1
    Regularly grind soft ice cubes inside the disposal to dislodge large food particles and wash them out of the unit
  2. 2
    Regularly apply the homemade mixtures or citrus peel solutions described above to minimize smell propagation

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a typical batch feed garbage disposal last?

In general, most batch garbage disposals are designed to last from 8 to 15 years with regular maintenance. This lifespan can vary greatly depending on how much the main blades degrade, as they take the brunt of the wear and tear from hard-to-crush materials during regular operation.

What is the difference between batch feed and continuous feed?

Continuous feed garbage disposals operate with a switch, remaining in action so long as the switch is flipped to the on position. Batch feed garbage disposals often operate by key and require the placement of a disposal cover before the blades will engage. As such, batch fed disposal units are generally considered safer.

What kind of wastes should I put in garbage disposals?


  • Fruit peels and cores
  • Vegetables
  • Small bones (such as fish bones)
  • Coffee grounds
  • Fast food
  • Egg shells


  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Large bones (such as chicken bones)
  • Non-food items
Can I install these systems myself?

Depending on your previous plumbing experience, you may be able to install your new garbage disposal unit on your own. Consider following the installation instructions listed above and consulting your owner’s manual before starting such a DIY installation.

How much does a plumber charge to replace a garbage disposal?

Precise prices for garbage disposal installation or replacement will vary from plumber to plumber, generally based on their service and labor fees. However, you should expect to pay between $210 and $250 for this type of plumbing work, with additional costs added on if you purchase a garbage disposal through the same plumber.

Where is the best place to buy batch feed garbage disposal units?

While a local plumber or hardware store may offer some rebates on popular garbage disposal units, you can actually find the most affordable per-unit prices on Amazon. Because of their bulk shipping rates and special deals with top brands, you’ll be able to find some of the best performing models on Amazon at a fraction of their list price elsewhere.


In all, there’s a lot to know before you invest in a batch feed garbage disposal unit. But using the information in this guide, you’ll be able to judiciously pick a unit that fits both your needs and your budget.

If you’re still indecisive, though, you should defiantly select the InSinkErator Cover Control Plus Evolution. That model’s grinding capabilities are almost entirely unmatched, while its unique CoverStart activation method allows for enhanced safety during every use.

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